We don't ''measure'' TIME?
We only tell TIME... !

Let's look at the definition of the word measure below.

Measurement is typically defined as a standard unit used to convey the size, extent, or intensity of something, and it can be synonymous with terms like calculate, compute, count, meter, quantity, and weight.

It's important to note that our contemporary clocks don't truly measure time; rather, they provide us with the current time. While we might use expressions like "my workday concludes in two hours" or "the show begins in one hour," these don't encompass the form of measurement I'm discussing.

The prevailing method for timekeeping has remained largely unaltered for centuries, except for the switch from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar in 1582. 


Both systems are built on the concept of dividing a day into 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness, incorporating names associated with metaphorical deities, celestial bodies, and months of the year. Intriguingly, the human psyche largely adheres to this long-standing paradigm, prompting us to contemplate why it shouldn't.

In essence, we don't genuinely measure time; instead, we observe numbers on a clock's face as they complete two cycles each day, along with the names of days of the week. In response, our actions often follow a predictable pattern, repeating over the course of a lifetime.


Ever heard of the 

"Repetition Principle"


1440TIME™ represents an advanced approach to measuring, quantifying, and managing our daily allocation of clock time, specifically designed to meet the demands of the 21st century while harmonizing with the natural rhythm of time. This method aligns with our daily routines and professional lives, a practice we're already accustomed to. For instance, we anticipate the school bus arriving in 30 minutes, ensure we arrive at the doctor's office within 20 minutes, get ready for a meeting that's starting in 15 minutes, or prepare for the two-minute warning during the Super Bowl. Each time we employ this "countdown" clock-time method for various events or situations, time assumes a vivid and palpable quality, motivating us to take decisive and purposeful actions.

My patented 1440TIME™ Countdown Clock offers the same dynamic quality, but it's applied directly to our own lives. Can there be anything more significant than that?

During the early 1900s, a similar transformative phenomenon was on the horizon, much like the one we are experiencing today. Visionaries like Henry Ford capitalized on this imminent wave, known as the Industrial Age. Ford demonstrated forward thinking by implementing an ingenious technological concept—a moving assembly line for the production of the Model T in the early 1900s. Before the advent of assembly lines and modern industrial machinery, crafting a single Model T took a staggering 12.5 hours. Ford, known for his meticulous approach to time management, evaluated everything in relation to time. With his stroke of genius in introducing the assembly line and leveraging new machinery, he ushered in a revolutionary era of productivity.

Ford recognized that by allocating specific time frames for tasks, such as 20 minutes for engine installation, five minutes for hood installation, and 10 minutes for wheel installation, a car could be manufactured every 35 minutes, a significant departure from the previous 12.5-hour production time.

The Industrial Age had just begun!!!

1440TIME™ represents an enhanced method for measuring, quantifying, and managing our daily allocation of clock time, tailored for the demands of the 21st century, and most importantly, it mirrors the natural flow of time. We are already accustomed to using this approach in our daily routines and professional lives. For example, we gauge when the school bus will arrive in 30 minutes, ensure we reach the doctor's office in 20 minutes, prepare for a meeting starting in 15 minutes, or brace for the two-minute warning during the Super Bowl. Whenever we employ this "countdown" clock-time method for nearly any event or circumstance, time takes on a vivid, tangible quality, motivating us to act decisively and purposefully.

My patented 1440TIME™ Countdown Clock offers that same dynamic quality, but it applies directly to our own lives. Is there anything more significant than that?

The Information and Digital Age has Begun!!!

"Me, Time, and Technology against any three" -- Kevin McGrane 2021

Time Timer

A Measured Countdown Timer! Hmm... 1440TIME™?

What an intriguing concept! Here's why it's effective:

Life Benefits:

Enhanced concentration on the current task. Elevated productivity across work, school, and home environments. Functional Benefits: Transforms the abstract notion of time into something tangible. Smooth transitions between different activities. Promotes punctuality and responsibility toward a set schedule. Now, envision implementing the Time Timer® concept into our everyday existence. I did, and it's known as 1440TIME™ and The 1440 Power System™!

Time Timer

While civilians commonly use a 12-hour time format that repeats, the military employs a 24-hour system to gauge a day's duration. The advantage of the 24-hour measurement is that it provides a more comprehensive and perceptible view of a day, presenting a clear delineation of the entire 24-hour period. In this context, it becomes easier to allocate and plan tasks within the available measured time for the day, allowing for a structured approach to accomplishing objectives.

When a civilian looks at a clock, they typically see their work starting at 8:00, a doctor's appointment at 4:00, dinner planned for 6:00, and perhaps catching America's Got Talent at 9:00.

In contrast, the military operates with a distinct focus on setting objectives, complete with defined timelines and applying a daily sense of urgency to their tasks.

Now, consider what might happen if civilians had access to a clock that not only laid out an entire day's worth of time (1,440 minutes) but also introduced a crucial "sense of urgency" component. How much more could we achieve while still maintaining our existing routines?

While 24 hours may seem like a substantial amount of time, breaking it down into 1,440 minutes offers a more perceptible perspective. When you add a countdown feature to create that vital "sense of urgency," you create a time system that maximizes 100% of your time capacity. This has the potential to drive human potential to new heights, allowing it to rise exponentially.

"It's been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste" - Henry Ford


To Measure is to Know —Lord Kelvin

speed meter
speed meter

The Speedway gasoline pump of today shown above is all digital, and it measures the dollar amount as 34.12 cents, (two decimal places) based on the amount of gas which is 14.970 gallons (three decimal places). The old standard pump measured at only one decimal place for the dollar and gallon amounts. Today, if the technology and measurement system (called flow-meters) did not change with the times, the money lost would be in the billions for the oil companies due to the inefficient measuring technology. Today a flow-meter measures one one-thousandth of a gallon, that's less than a teaspoon. I don’t think today, Exxon/Mobil would accept the old standard measurement system of 50 years ago, right? Then why are we still using an outdated clock system thought of and utilized thousands of years ago in our modern world today 2023: with spaceships, planes, trains, automobiles, wi-fi, computers, and the internet!? And it doesn't even measure time, it tells time!!!

A flow-meter measures one one-thousandth of a gallon.

A flow-minute measures 1440 minutes counting down throughout the day!

Wow... what a concept!

"If you can not measure it, you can not improve it." -- Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker

“I didn't invent a new time clock...I just measure it differently". -- Kevin McGrane


Push Push... I told you we should have gotten one of those 1440TIME™ watches! We never have enough time for anything!


Tokens of TIME...

own your tokens own you life...

Time Image
personal genie

1440TIME™, when harnessed in conjunction with today's advanced technology, particularly the internet, serves as the linchpin for productivity, acquiring knowledge, staying ahead of the curve, and, perhaps most importantly, efficiently conserving valuable time.

ChatGPT is like having your own personal genie for 1,440 minutes a day!

1440TIME™ represents the natural evolution of our human experience and has the potential to significantly enhance the capabilities of those who embrace it.

It was " the survival of the fittest" for millions of years, but now it is...

"The Survival of the Thinkest"


Fly into the 21st century with 1440TIME™

“Be not astonished at new ideas; for it is well known to you that a thing does not therefore cease to be true because it is not accepted by many.” —Baruch Spinoza


Think Outside the Clock...