We Are Already In The Minute World!

Minute World
1440TIME™ is already being used everywhere, but since it's been incrementally implemented over the last decade, as AI technology moves to the forefront, the speed of information that a human possesses in their hand or device is unfathomable. Yet, many have not put the two together that time is plentiful in our day, when you simply change it to minutes. This is where 1440TIME comes into play. Minutes just measure time better and with the countdown of those minutes letting you know how long something will take, the mind reconciles with that wait time easier!! The knowing versus the not knowing is what causes stress and frustration in our modern life, hence, the use of the 1440TIME countdown clock will have you in control and in a relaxed mode.

Look at this sign Orlando Airport in Florida. Minutes are the new hours in 2019...?

Current waiting time
 time currency
The idea behind 1440TIME™ is comparable to Bitcoin in its forward-thinking approach. But it's important to recognize that your time currency holds immense value. Managing your time effectively is crucial and comes with great responsibility.

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