We Are Already In The Minute World!  

                                                                                                       The Long Island Expressway 
      The Southern State Parkway                                                                     News 12 Long Island                                                                   

1440TIME™ is already being used everywhere, but since it has been incrementally implemented over the last five years everywhere, most people haven't been able to pick up on this subtle change in our modern society.

Minutes just measure time better, and with the countdown of those minutes letting you know how long something will take, the mind reconciles with that wait time easier!! The knowing versus the not knowing is what causes stress and frustration in our modern life!

Look at this sign Orlando Airport in Florida. Minutes are the new hours in 2019...?

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1440TIME™ is just slightly ahead of its time, much like bitcoin is! But make no mistake... your time-coin is the most valuable commodity you'll ever own!!!!  It's just a matter of TIME...

With great powers comes great responsibility!

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