The 1440 Power System® 


Elon Musk’s ‘time blocking’ method

 How to manage time effectively even if your schedule is hectic.

Managing time better with time blocking

From the second Elon Musk’s head lifts off his bedroom pillow at 7 a.m., his day has already been pre-planned in advance. There’s no room for random interruptions — there are no blocks of time left unscheduled. 

And let's have a toast to Elon Musk... not only for getting a rocket ship into space with his SpaceX company but also taking Tesla's stock to over $1,600 a share as of the July 21 2020!!

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Time Blocks?

Focus without distractions

Elon Musk's ability to focus without distractions is key when using his time blocking method, Musk intentionally plans his day out in five-minute increments or ‘time blocks.’ Each time block is assigned with a specific task or activity. 

The 1440 Power System® works the same way... except, The 1440 Power System breaks down each day into three simple time-zones or 'blocks' if you will. The "time-zone " you are in is the only zone you focus on! Hence, in a short time, an awareness takes over and each zone becomes more efficient, productive, and time now becomes more!



The 1440 Effecient Frontier

The 1440 Power System® connects and breaks down  further the 1,440 minutes we have each day into three  optimal time-zones in a person's daily life, except for weekends off and those who are retired from the workforce. Each zone is producing the maximum expected results given the level of intention applied. This simple concept reduces the complexity of everyday life. Just concentrate on the zone you are in! Once in-sync, the full power of the 1440-Experience takes over, as optimality, or flow time is achieved 

All that really belongs to us is time: even he who has nothing else has that.      -Baltasar Gracian

Let's take a look at the Time-Zone breakdown :

1. Sleep 2. Livelihood 3. On-Time

The amounts in each time-zone are tailored to your individual lifestyle, current financial and job situation, and what is important to you when not sleeping or working? It puts the daily game clock in play for those who are looking to get the most out of their 1,440 minutes!

When you're able to breakdown your day into these three simple time-zones, life becomes simpler, slower, organized, tangible, measured and mastered! Like a great athlete who is in the zone; time slows, things become clearer, giving them an advantage, as they are able to focus on the task at hand, which enables them to perform feats of greatness. They have mastered this in the zone skill!!

Some may say providence takes over...

providence - noun prudent management of resources


The 1440 Power System® is as simple as 1 2 3.

Game On...

SLEEP is the most critical 'time block' of the day if you want the other two zones to run at an optimal level consistently. You must have your daily 6-8 hours to be able to leverage the other two time allocations to achieve 1440 optimality! Otherwise, your energy will decline throughout your workday, and by the time you get home, it will be couch potato time, instead of results time! Lack of sleep not only robs people of personal growth, but annually, "the US loses an equivalent of about 1.23 million working days due to insufficient sleep".

LIVELIHOOD is your means of support 'time block'! You work hard here and it's your money time! So, pick up your game, get noticed, and make it happen! If you one of the movers and shakers already, the minute calibration and countdown effect will enhance your productivity even that much more!

ON-TIME is when you're neither sleeping or working! It is the difference maker!! You own this 'time block' and usually have the choice of how to spend it! ON-TIME is where you leverage time to the max! The astute might even call it "time arbitrage". While most are enjoying their off-time, whether weekends or their days off from work, the self-motivated are using some of their ON-TIME to power their way through goals, vision, and achievements!     

It is where and when the self-driven kick it!!! 

ON-TIME can be as much as one-third of your daily 'time block'... so, you can logically see how vital this block is, if you truly want to go for more in your life?


The 1440 Power System®

Control the Clock Control the Game

The 80/20 Rule

The Pareto Principle

According to this principle 20% of your activities will result in 80% of your results! Or 80% of what we achieve is the result of 20% of the action we take! I am sure you have already heard about the Pareto Principle before mentioned from one of the many thought leaders, books, motivational speakers, or successful entrepreneurs out there today. Pareto’s 80/20 distribution frequently occurs in life! The big news based on Pareto's Rule, we should be able to apply the same principle to time itself! If that's the case, then we only need 20% of our daily allotment of time to create the results we are after! WOW!!! That leaves 80% of our clock-time to sleep well, work hard, play and live our live's!! The other 20% is all we need to accomplish our goals... such as being healthier, exercise, reading more, and or creating that newest mouse trap!

1440TIME™ fractal system takes the Pareto Principle even further down the rabbit hole! When you combine 1440TIME™ thinking with Pareto's 80/20 Rule, you now have clock-time on steroids! Which will allow you do even more in the same amount of time, or do the same amount, and have more time enjoy your life!!

“In any series of elements to be controlled, a selected small fraction, in terms of numbers of elements, always accounts for a large fraction in terms of effect.” - Vilfredo Pareto


The Three Power Zones

Control the Clock Control the Game...
Here is an example of The 1440 Power System® time allocation. Many people have different schedules and situations but the concept is all I am after right now...


Reasons or Results
The word on time has a mass appeal and is a powerful and positive word in the English language. There aren't many times when on time is used as a negative unless you are using it because someone or something wasn't on time. To reach 1440 optimality we replace the words; off, free, down, and spare with the word On-Time!  ON-TIME means you own this time? You have the choice for the most part for what and how you will spend it! You might be off from work or have the weekends off, but time is never off! People with goals know this! In the example above, I'm showing 6 hours or 360 minutes in ON-TIME...  using 11 hours for work & commute time, and 7 hours for sleep. Even with these numbers 360 minutes is still a lot time! 40 minutes for this, 30 minutes for that, 20 minutes for exercise? Come now... you see what I mean? Breaking down hours and tasks to minutes is the essence of 1440 fractal system and optimality! 

“Where focus goes, energy flows." --Tony Robbins



Love to see this at the airport!!!

Your plane is ON TIME... Yes!!!!


How is your time Spent?

Slow and steady wins the race!

Your ON-TIME Allocation over time... is the key to long lasting results!


20% efforts... gives 80% results!

80-20 Rule

We have a total of about 10,000 minutes weekly and about 3,500 are ON-TIME minutes! Most coming from the two days off from work, or (weekends 2,000). So, if we take 20% of 2,000 that is 400 minutes where our efforts will lead to 80% of the results we are after! I am not including the roughly the 1,800 minutes you also have during the work week!

What this means is we don't have to give up 80% of our life in order to accomplish our goals and dreams, if we use our 20% smartly!!

The Pareto principle when used can simplify your life in all types of scenarios. It is time to think about this rule and apply it... especially with clock-time itself!!

"People often try to do many things at once. Instead, you should channelize your energy like a sharp laser, burning all obstacles that come your way. None of your time management tools will work without this simple realization." -Tim Ferris

80-20 Rule

I am so glad to have all of my weekends off! All fifty-two...

Think Outside the Clock™ 

If you don’t have “much time” during your normal work week to go for more, then it will be your weekends when “time optimization” is paramount. Leveraging each weekend, which is two complete days comprised of about two thousand waking minutes,  depending on your sleep time. Again, equaling nearly 100,000 ON-TIME minutes for most in one year!!!  

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” --Zig Ziglar   


So let's do some simple math of how much time 52 weekends OFF is equivalent to in time in one year; using 8 hours for sleep, 16 hours not at work or 16 hours of ON-TIME.

 So that is 16 x 2 x 52= 1,664 hours x 60 = 99,840 minutes. 

 I know some work on the weekends, but most are off. It is is for illustrative purposes give or take some minutes here or there. 

 That amount of time my friends is equivalent to:

 1. Watching every MLB game (162 x 175 mins or 2.55 hours = 28,350)

 2. Watching 700 reruns of Seinfeld (700 x 30 = 21,000 mins)

 3. Attaining a four-year Bachelor's degree (40 college courses @ 14 weeks  per class @ 90 minutes per class = 50,400 minutes)

That is almost 100,000 MINUTES... ON or OFF?


How about just 20,000 annual minutes ON?

Using the 80/20 Rule on the weekends is paramount and the key to be able to have fun like most, and still be able to chip away at your goals you have set forthBy looking at each weekend this way, a goal doesn't have to seem overwhelming! You can still enjoy your time off from work all the while using the 80/20 rule to reach your annual goals!

Ordinary people think merely of spending time. Great people think of using it. ~Anonymous

Remember, if your livelihood is how you support yourself and is what you love to do, you're combining two power zones almost into one Livelihood/On Time a potent cocktail that can lead to sparkling results! Hence why you're already doing it!

Unfortunately, most have a JOB and turn off when not there, undermining the second most crucial zone of the day... ON TIME!

The Difference Maker!!!

Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. —Jim Rohn

TIME Conversion Measurement Table

• 1 year        =  525,600 minutes

• 1 Quarter  =  133,920 minutes

• 1 month    =  44,640 minutes

• 1 week      =  10,080 minutes

• 1 day         =    1,440 minutes

• 1 hour       =         60 minutes 

“Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different.” — Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

                                          THINK1440 ALL THE TIME...