1440 Prototypes

Below are some of the concept watches, original drawings, and the first clock I created just by taking an ordinary 24-hour clock, taking it apart, and replacing the backing with a 1,440 counting down by 120. Soon there will be many styles, colors, sizes, and shapes, as we'll be licensing this utility patent "Minute Countdown Clock" concept to a few select companies shortly.

Except for the First self-made clock, all 1440TIME™ watches and clocks were made by flash-clocks. Ask for Marco Avila. He is awesome!!


1440TIME™ example style watch?

This by no means is this a MOVADO watch! They have not endorsed it. Click below to see all their great watches and styles. This is just a concept watch to show what 1440TIME™ could look like in the near future. We have a Utility Patent on this already, so all companies would be welcome to participate in this future time reality!


1440TIME™ flows with the law of time, as the declining yearly minutes (525,600) coincide with the natural rhythm of the Earth's movement around the Sun. The minute world will be the new normal as soon as 1440TIME™ is recognized! Even this simple yearly shift from months to declining minutes has an immediate shift in awareness.

Remember the future is already here, it just hasn't been noticed by the many yet...

1440TIME™ is a patented Minute Countdown Clock System

March 14, 2017

US Patent Number 9,594,352

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Download almost complete!!!