Compound Value of Time "CVT"

The third element of our Time Trilogy is called the 'Compound Value of Time,' based on Einstein’s Eighth Wonder of the World concept. The power of compounding interest as related to money. In this case, however, we are relating it to the compounding of minutes over time. Look at the example below showing the power of compounding; even though it’s not illustrating Einstein’s power of compound interest, you’ll get the point.

Would you choose to have $2,000 a day for the next twenty days, or $2 a day for the next twenty days that compound each day by doubling the amount? Let’s do the math: $2,000 a day for twenty days equals $40,000. $2 a day for twenty days compounded by doubling each day equals over $1, 000,000! The answer is clear!

The Compound Value of Time works much in the same way, except we are compounding a few daily minutes over a set amount of time. This is the third element of the Trilogy and a highly important component when applied in conjunction with the 80/20 Law.

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it…he who doesn’t…pays it.” —Albert Einstein

“The Compound value of time is the first wonder of the universe. He who understands it earns it…he who doesn’t…pays it.” —Kevin McGrane

80-20 Rule

A new level of clock time when 1440TIME is added to the mix!!

The Law of the Vital Few & the Trivial Many

Think 20% will lead to 80% and 80% will lead to 20%...

80-20 Rule
80-20 Rule

Once you calibrate with 1440TIME™ and then connect to The 1440 Power System® daily, the last piece of the puzzle is to understand the simple principle of The Compound Value of Time “CVT."

It is the daily minutes multiplied that create those long-lasting wins and goals to be met...and not a one-day blast or a one-week motivational outburst that quickly fades back to inertia.

And, if you want to see your future just look at your now's each day for two weeks, then compound that over six months or a year, and that will most likely be your future! It is quite easy, and I am not even a psychic!

You see, you don't need hours a day, days in a week, weeks in a month, or months in a year! You will only need 15, 30, or 60 minutes daily over the next 365 days! If you don't have the "time" during the work week... then just set aside 100 minutes every Saturday and Sunday over the next 52 weeks, which still equals 100,000 minutes!! That is more than enough time to complete 1,2,3,4, or 5 goals in a year!! And you would still have 1,800 minutes to do whatever you want on your weekends off! This would be considered the 90/10 rule and could still work!

Understanding and using the 'CVT' principle lowers the time pressure that people put on themselves. Less is more! Many don't complete their goals usually because:

1. 'TFS' Time's Fault Syndrome. If I only had the time?

2. They set the bar too high for the completion of it.

3. They didn't write the goal down and give it a start and finish date!

As slow and steady over time wins the race! Right Professor Turtle?

Compound Value of Time
It sure does, and just look how many minutes you still have left today!
So, who doesn’t have 15 minutes to chip away at that GOAL!!!


Your minutes compouned create your future.

You either put the time in to get the results you're looking for or you don't? As simple as that!


Think 1440TIME

Think 1440TIME