Think Outside the Clock™...?

Let's go back to the beginning

"From our earliest days in elementary school, the skill of telling time and naming the days of the week was instilled in us, becoming as automatic as our autonomic nervous system.


 Think about the stark contrast between Monday at 6:00 AM and Friday at 6:00 PM. The mere mention of these times evokes such distinct emotions. Mondays often come with a sense of dread or fatigue, while Fridays shimmer with the promise of relaxation, paychecks, and perhaps a cheerful happy hour. As children, the joys were simple — perhaps a pizza treat, a trip to McDonald's, the excitement of a new movie, or the sweetness of Carvel ice cream. But above all, we reveled in the freedom of the weekend, those two school-free days. Could it be that the 12 numbers we see encircling a clock, combined with the day labels, are more than just markers? Might they subtly condition our feelings and behaviors, anchoring us in a cyclical weekly rhythm without us even being fully aware?"

Change the Clock...
Change the Perspective...
Change your Life...



What word do you see above? What else? So what is real ? Are we only seeing half the truth or maybe just small portions of our reality? Is everything an optical illusion?

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standard clock time

“Why do you keep thinking about the clock, Kevin? What’s there to ponder about? The standard clock has been around for ages, and it tells us the time. The calendar tells us the day and month. What else is there to know? We learned this in school, for goodness’ sake! What’s the issue?”

There is something not right!? See for yourself continue on...

What is Real?

Think Outside The Clock™

You've Got Mail!

56k Modem Speed... wow, that's fast!

Do you recall the days of dial-up internet access 20-25 years ago? Surprisingly, as of May 2021, 1.5 million individuals still rely on it. Similarly, it's astonishing that in 

America Online Dialing

2023, billions of people will continue using a clock system that dates back over 5,000 years. It's quite incredible!

"Just because everything is different doesn't mean anything has changed." - Irene Peter

Slow Internet Costs Customers

We're still using standard clock time!

It's the right clock... but the wrong times...


1309? I thought it was 2024!

Control the Clock... Control the Game!

"Look at the ancient clock. Can you discern whether it's 10:13 a.m. or 10:13 p.m.? Without further context, determining the day of the week - be it Monday, Tuesday, and so forth - is a challenge. Now, if I tell you it's Sunday at 10:13 p.m., how do you react? Conversely, knowing it's Friday at 10:13 a.m. might provoke another distinct emotion.

This highlights the "Repetition Principle" or a conditioned response."


3500 BCE. My sundial watch still works fine Kevin!!

Except when the Sun is gone? Hmm... Now what? Psst... I have created the 21st Century digital sundial...


Finally, Real-Time with 1440TIME...

Think Outside The Clock"

21st Century Sundial

Stream 1440TIME

Stuck in the past...? Not anymore!!!

In the modern world, we need a new sense of urgency to not only survive but thrive. "1440TIME" can be our new tool, replacing the sunlight that was once used in sundials of the past. Let's embrace this fast-tech world and make the most of every minute!

old time
1440 Time

Please Enter. It's time.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 
1440 Experience...

This 21st-century principle of 1440TIME™ relies on a patented "Minute Countdown Clock" to introduce a new 'Time Awareness System' (TAS) that's suited for our modern world. This system is based on three underlying concepts that set a new gold standard for clock time:

1. The Life Clock

2. 1440TIME™/The 1440 Power System™

3. The Compound Value of Time (CVT)

This unique blend of ingredients can optimize your life by allowing time to flow naturally and seamlessly. The past, present, and future merge to create the only time that truly matters - the present moment.

Back in January 2008, my perspective on the clock shifted right before a taxing tax season. This caused me to embark on a fifteen-year journey exploring the concept of time. Little did I know that this exploration would transform my life and lead me to write two books - "The Time Factor - The 1440 Power System®" - and obtain a U.S. Utility Patent for the "Minute Countdown Clock," also known as 1440TIME™.

It's time to unveil the truth about the "Standard Clock" or the "12 by repeat 12 clocks" and introduce a new clock system infused with time for our modern digital world.

Are you ready for a tiMe Transformation?

"Life is a moving breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation". ---- Nia Peeples

When You Control The Clock

The 12/12 hour clock's processing speed is outdated and inefficient for our modern world. It limits people to using only 60% of their daily time capacity, commonly known as the "mediocrity clock." Imagine the benefits of being able to access your full daily time capacity - it could provide a significant advantage for both individuals and companies.

I have something special just for you - a groundbreaking method to fully utilize clock time in the 21st century. This approach enables you to access 100% of it!

The 1440TIME™ clock is an innovative and simplistic way to expand our perception of clock time. Despite initial resistance, many innovations have replaced the status quo, and this one is here to stay. It's understandable that we are used to the clock and calendar we know, but it's exciting to see new possibilities.

To put it simply, successful individuals such as affluent people, top entrepreneurs, and great business minds are already incorporating 1440TIME™ in their daily lives, which is one of the reasons why they have achieved their current status.

"The more you understand what is wrong with a figure, the more valuable that figure becomes." — Lord Kelvin

Are we getting better, faster, stronger?

Do modern athletes possess greater abilities than those from fifty or one hundred years ago? According to data, the 2012 marathon champion would have finished the race 1 hour and 20 minutes ahead of the winner of the 1904 marathon.

Let's Begin

Could it be science and technolgy?

Jesse Owens held the record in the 100 meters, if he would have been racing Usain Bolt in 2013, he would have lost by fourteen feet.

As we observe the progress of sporting achievements in recent decades, it appears that humans have significantly improved in terms of speed, performance, and strength. However, David Epstein highlights in his intriguing talk that we should avoid being too self-congratulatory. Various factors contribute to breaking athletic records, and our innate abilities are just one of them. Technological advancements play a significant role!

Sports and Technology
lets start

Why hasn't technology done the same for people?

Athletes have made significant advancements in the last century due to the aid of science and technology. However, it's unclear why the general population has not seen the same progress, considering we have access to various technological tools at our fingertips.

Impact of artificial intelligence on human loss in decision making, laziness and safety in education

It's the CLOCK!!

Wrong clock... Right Time!!

Could it truly be so straightforward? Has it been something so simple that it has eluded everyone's attention? My 15 years of experience indicate that this notion may be true, given that our most valuable asset, Time, has reached an all-time low in terms of both worth and significance. Is it possible that our failure to recognize the worth of Time is simply due to ignorance?

I have some uplifting news to share! The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 gave us all a taste of what 1440TIME™ feels like. Each day blended into the next, and we found ourselves counting down the minutes. We relied on entertainment like Netflix, TV, music, and our phones to make it through the day. As time passed, it felt like everything was moving in slow motion. We constantly asked ourselves how much we could consume in a day or 1,440 minutes. When will this end?

Do you think that in 2024, we will have reverted back to our previous perceptions of time? It's highly likely.

Friends you were in 1440TIME™ during Covid and didn't even know it...
Steve Jobs

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life".

"The world is not what you are told it is"!

You can change and mold it...

Everything around you was made up by people that were no smarter than you. You have to act and not be afraid to fail. If you are afraid of failing, you won't get very far.