"Unlock the Potential of Every Minute: Introducing 1440Time"

Where Every Minute Matters.

Immerse yourself in the rhythm of your day, as each of the 1,440 minutes ticks away in real time. Witness time as a precious resource, motivating you to optimize your schedule, stay focused on tasks, and achieve your goals. Embrace the sense of urgency and purpose that comes from visualizing time passing. With 1440Time Watch Face, transform your relationship with time and empower yourself to make every moment count."  


Experience Time in a New Light with 1440Time...

Redefining How You See and Seize Time

Unveiling Each Minute's Potential. By dissecting your day into 1,440 minutes, the app prompts you to embrace time's fluidity. This mindful perspective amplifies present moment awareness, empowering task prioritization and the extraction of maximum value from every passing minute. Through this strategic method, 1440Time reshapes your perception of time, expanding it purposefully for enhanced achievements and cherished moments." 




Where Time Slows Down and Expands.

Experience Time in a New Light with 1440Time: Unveiling Each Minute's Potential. By dissecting your day into 1,440 minutes, the app prompts you to embrace time's fluidity. This mindful perspective amplifies present-moment awareness, empowering task prioritization and the extraction of maximum value from every passing minute. Through this strategic method, 1440Time reshapes your perception of time, expanding it purposefully for enhanced achievements and cherished moments.  


Flash of Genius...

Think Differently ?  The future of  Time is here now...

Most great achievements are made through a combination of steady application and sudden insight. 

The 80/20 Principle Richard Koch 

Sudden Insight

The Missing Piece is Here!!

"Revitalizing Time Perception: A Modern Twist on Ancient Wisdom with 1440Time. 
Infusing centuries-old mindfulness with today's pace, this mindset deconstructs your day into 1,440 minutes. Rediscover time's fluidity, heightening awareness for task focus and mindful engagement. Seamlessly blending ancient insights and contemporary strategy, 1440Time reframes time perception, yielding purposeful accomplishments and cherished moments in our fast-paced world.

Anticipate reaping these benefits shortly after adopting it:  

  1. Hyper-Focused Efficiency: Embrace the urgency of 1,440 minutes to accomplish tasks with heightened focus and optimal efficiency, maximizing your productivity.

  2. Mindful Time Mastery: By dissecting your day, you'll cultivate mindfulness, making each moment count and preventing time from slipping away unnoticed.

  3. Strategic Task Prioritization: Break down your schedule into manageable units to prioritize tasks effectively, ensuring that essential activities take precedence.

  4. Progressive Goal Achievement: Leverage each minute to work consistently toward your goals, fostering a sense of achievement and steady progress over time.

  5. Present-Centric Living: Harness the power of real-time awareness to live in the present, reducing stress and enhancing the quality of your experiences.

You can expect to experience the following benefits soon after using it:  

- Time perception slows down and expands.

- Stress caused by time-related issues decreases.

- Time becomes a tangible, measurable, and leveraged resource.

- Improved focus on current tasks.

- Accomplish more with less time.

- Increased awareness of the present moment.

Ultimately, 1440Time empowers you to master your time, accomplish goals, and live in the moment, helping you navigate the demands of our modern world with purpose and efficiency.  

*1440TIME™ accelerates our internal clock without affecting the external one. This shift in time perception creates the cognitive illusion that the world around us is operating at a more deliberate pace. It's akin to a temporal illusion—a trick of the mind, yet an incredibly potent tool tailored for the fast-paced environment of today's hyper-connected world."  

For years, I've strategically employed this shift in time perception to my advantage within my tax business, expertly harnessing it to maximize efficiency. The tax season, encompassing just 100,000 minutes from January 25th to April 15th underscores every moment's importance. Recently, I introduced my patented Minute Countdown Clock system to my H&R BLOCK franchise. This subtle yet remarkably potent adjustment in how time is perceived affords me the opportunity to prepare more individual tax returns than an astounding 99.999% of the 70,000 tax professionals within the H&R BLOCK organization.

My accomplishments serve as a testament: a remarkable six-year streak as the recipient of the prestigious Top 100 Franchise award and the honor of Rookie of the Year in my initial year. The superiority of my 1440TIME™ system over other tax preparers is palpable, supported by unwavering numerical evidence. While others navigate their tasks in terms of hours, my mindset revolves around the minutes remaining in the 100,000-minute countdown to April 15th. This unique perspective is a defining edge.

         Control the Clock... Control the Game

'Time equals money,' as the saying goes, and I wholeheartedly embrace all 100,000 deliberate minutes during the tax season to fully realize the power of this fundamental equation!' 

"Please be clear that 1440TIME™ stands apart from any other time management system. There is no room for confusion." 

"Modern time management systems do possess certain merits. However, the challenge lies in their continued reliance on conventional clock time—an antiquated measure from centuries ago— to regulate and track time in our technologically advanced world today! To put this into context, it's akin to persistently utilizing a 56k dial-up speed for internet browsing in the current era!"  

We need a new "standard" for "clock time" for our modern world! After all, it is 2023!

"1440TIME™ represents a profound shift in how the brain interprets clock time. It quantifies each day as consisting of 1,440 bits, units, tics, or minutes, rather than adhering to the traditional 24-hour—or even the less effective 12-hour—framework. This pioneering shift in perspective acts as a new 'source code,' if you will. Consequently, the perception of daily time now expands 6,000% to 12,000%, ushering in a heightened perceptual reality, of course..."  

1440TIME™ is 5G speed... 

1440TIME is not a clock! It is a true Time Revolution!


To enjoy the Magic... please first calibrate to 1440TIME™! 

Your smartphone won't work for the calibration process at this time, so wait until you're at your desktop, or on your laptop. It will take less than one minute. 

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Calibrating to 1440TIME™

Welcome to my world? So slow, and so much more time...

After all these years of trying to explain 1440TIME™ to friends, family, tax clients, or just about anyone else, I now know that unless you go through the calibration process you'll have a tough time seeing passed the standard clock-time daze. After all, the clock is the clock. We can't change it... or can we?

What do I mean about calibrating? We calibrate three speeds of time at the basic level of our human existence with hours-minutes-seconds. In sports and the Olympics, we add the millisecond, 1000th of a second. We have to, since there is big money at stake, and we need to determine a winner. Soon we will have to move to the microsecond to find our winner. There will be a tie at the millisecond level and will need to go to the micro level for a winner. I am just early with that prediction as well as the use of 1440TIME in our real-time world of AI and more.


Same TiMe just "measured" a bit differently

Did you say just differrently?

Didn't Socrates say "Time is a measurement of change"?

That Socrates was really on to something over 2000 years ago. You think?

Let's move on to the US Patent below.  


Minute Countdown Clock?

 March 14, 2017      US PATENT NO. 9,594,352

1440TIME™ is a Minute Countdown Clock that depicts the 24-hour day in terms of the number of remaining minutes, rather than in the standard 12-hour cycle that tells you what time it is using in two separate cycles. The 1440TIME™ model breaks time into smaller increments in order to reprogram individuals' concepts and perceptions of the passing time. To facilitate motivation to accomplish more goals, and take ownership of your time, which is your life after all.  Furthermore, the constant countdown creates a sense of urgency by helping people recognize that time is valuable and is lost once it passes.


This invention takes a holistic approach to improve the way users view time much like how farmers view their day from sunup to sundown. This setup encourages individuals to see time in a more organic fashion, rather than as a relatively small number of discrete units (24 hours) because the entire day is laid out before an individual as 1,440 units instead of the 1-12 twice-a-day standard. 


With the pace of our modern world, when the day is only broken into the 1-12 repeat time unit format, individuals often feel that they do not have time to complete a given task or do not use all of their time efficiently, because they do not adequately account for the fractional values of the hours (minutes) left (1/60). Furthermore, the fact that 1440TIME™ counts down from a set value, rather than systematically aggregating time, gives individuals a sense of urgency because they can recognize that time is valuable as it is constantly being lost by the minute. 


What is a patent? A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention, which is a product or a process that provides, in general, a new way of doing something, or offers a new technical solution to a problem. 

1440TIME tackles both!



for the 





More Time for the Smarter Mind
Think about what happens when you put something under a magnifying glass? Well, that's what I've done with our current  standard clock and what you will see will leave you dumbfounded!

Even though some people might say time doesn't exist, or it's an illusion, and even might say there is "no" such thing as "time", most of these people still "tell" time, each day and month, and are subconsciously being controlled by the Gregorian clock and calendar system from 1582! Measured 1440TIME™ is like anything thing else you want to learn and master, it takes TIME... But first, we must actually accept the fact that the current clock and calendar are a system of mind control! 

Smile... it's Friday 5:00 pm somewhere...


Let's continue...

Physical time is not a choice. It is a reality.  Physical time is equal for all people... 

Perception of time is a choice. Is it reality?  Perception of time is equal for all people... 

Kevin McGrane  

 You're crazy!!

What the heck are you looking at!?
Ankhana Sofia

The Right TIME for the right times...

                                   Think Outside The Clock™                                                                                                                                                                                               
Studies have shown that 90% of error in thinking is due to error in perception. If you can change your perception, you can change your emotion and this can lead to new ideas. --Edward de Bono 

Standard Time    Backward Thinking    

Is this how time feels these days? Just about everyone I have asked for the last fifteen years thinks so! Even the 20% (those with money) feel the pressure of time moving quicker and quicker by the year! I once felt that way too, until I discovered something unexpected and it has changed my life and will yours too!

1440TIME challenges the embedded standard clock-time thinking, which is all we know! It is a simple fix, and with just a slight change of perception, you too can add 6,000% or more perceptional time to each of your days!

"There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception". - Aldous Huxley

What is 1440TIME™?

1440TIME™ is a new take on an old clock.  It is the 21st-century modern-day sundial! It's been used and around for thousands of years! The difference is, it continues to tell time after the sun sets. Take a look at the 1440TIME clock above showing 6:00 A.M. EST It is the digital version of the sundial. This patent innovation shift takes a holistic approach to improve the way we seevalue, and process clock time by counting down the number of minutes left in our day, unlike the standard clock that tells you "what time it is" using two separate 12-hour cycles, called the 12/12 repeat clockThe crux of our time conundrum facing most people in our modern world! 

The shadow by my finger cast
Divides the future from the past.
Behind its unreturning line,
The vanished hour no longer thine.
Before it lies the unknown hour,
In darkness and beyond thine power.
One hour alone is in thine hands,
The now on which the shadow stands.
—Poem inscribed on a sundial at Wellesley College

                 1440TIME™             Foward Thinking


Slow-Time can be yours too...

 Think 1440

Imagine watching that sundial shadow move for one hour? How long would that feel? Now imagine applying that thinking all day everyday!?  Hmm... interesting? Think1440! 

Life is slower than you think!


Perception or Reality? Does it matter? And who cares?


Sunshine and shadow

Time Inside a Matrix? 

Chapter 3
Time, what is it? Time is nothing more than a word in our minds! As soon as we think the word, up pops an association with a place we have to be, an appointment we have to keep, or something we have to do. Maybe we get a flash of it from old photos and songs from the past—“the good ol’ days.” Or perhaps the word calls to mind the lines on our face, the upcoming wedding of a daughter or son, or a vacation we can’t wait for in the spring.


It's time to Break-Free from standard clock thinking and Think1440...

 When You Control the Clock... You can Control the Game  

1440TIME™ breaks the hold! It sets you free from a lifetime of "standard clock logic" and awakens the mind, as time will expand, slow, and keeps you in the now, allowing for a true time-experience to emerge all day and every day. Join the first true TIME

Revolution! Control the clock... control the game!  

"You must unlearn what you have learned"- Yoda

Did Farmers need a clock

to tell them what time work started or ended? Did the word Tuesday or Saturday make a difference in how hard they worked the land to harvest the crop? 

The sun’s natural daily rise and decline was their clock. It became a visible and tangible timeline naturally creating that "sense of urgency" every day. 1440TIME™ uses the same natural time flow by using minutes declining throughout the day until midnight when the 1,440-minute countdown starts all over again. This simple change in the way time is processed and viewed creates that same visible and tangible timeline, which the sun did for the farmer! Time becomes real and not some abstract number on a circular sphere twice a day!  In turn, a small dose of that "sense of urgency" is created naturally from within! Each day's worth of time becomes measurable and leverage-able, and all days are weighted equally on the 1440 scale! 

A Tuesday or Saturday makes no difference for those who have a harvest waiting to be gathered! 

After thousands of years of human conditioning, the mind still shuts down subconsciously after the sun sets for most, hence why the human potential of today has not kept pace, and is far behind our technological achievements! Soon, the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI will be here, connecting all types of devices, vehicles, home appliances, and anything that can be connected will be connected, all exchanging data in seconds. Ultimately, this advancement in technology will enable people to save and have more time to do things! Now imagine loT combined with 1440TIME™. There would be so much more time to do things and more in less timeThe Time of Things (ToT) 

"Before the reward, there must be labor. You plant before you harvest. You sow in tears before you reap joy."  - Ralph Ransom


We do more with a deadline!

A Sence of Urgency is a good thing?

Countdown time clocks are used everywhere today in our modern society, especially in advertising!  Why? It creates that urgency state of mind!  Hurry this is a limited time offer!!

By breaking one day's worth of time down to 1,440 fractal units or minutes, perceptually that is a 12,000% increase in time for our great brain to process! How's that? The brain currently looks at one day as 12 hours that repeat, if we change the count to 1,440 that is a 12,000% increase in time (12 x 12,000% = 1,440).  You have one hour and in reality you have sixty units of time, or minutes! Once the brain is programmed to think this way, all sixty minutes are in play! 

The standard clock has become an  albatross, preventing people from becoming more than they could be! It has become the excuse for why we haven't or couldn't! It has the years seemingly flying by faster and faster by! It always has us chasing and serving it! 

It's time to 

Think Outside the Clock

and retire that old clock to the history books... where it belongs! 

What do you have to lose TIME?

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs

*Warning...1440TIME™ (a minute based countdown clock system) may not be for everyone, even though for anyone! In short; the movers and shakers, or those individuals who have goals with timelines attached for  completion will benefit most. Why? Think about it...? If there are no goals, then no timelines are needed, and there is nothing to countdown to? Therefore "no sense of urgency," and the "secret sauce" built into 1440TIME™ (the countdown of daily minutes left in the day) is rendered uselessLife becomes just another week of work, another holiday, another weekend off, and another year that has past by mush to quickly!

 A deadline keeps you inline after all!

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Let's Begin... 

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