The 1440 Power System® 



"Think Outside the Clock"

The 1440 Power System® connects and breaks down  further the 1,440 minutes we have each day into three separate time zones. Each is having their purpose, and when in-sync, you will feel the full power of the 1440-Experience emerge! 

Let's take a look at the breakdown:

1. Sleep 2. Livelihood 3. On-Time

The amounts in each life-zone are tailored to your lifestyle, current financial situation, and how far down the rabbit hole you want to take your daily allotment of time. It puts the daily game clock in play for those who are looking for more!!!

When you're able to chunk down your day into this pure awareness, life becomes organized, time becomes tangible, more valuable, and soon providence takes over...

providence- noun prudent management of resources

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The 1440 Power System® is as simple as 1 2 3.

Game On...

SLEEP is the most critical zone of the day! You must get your daily 6-8 hours to be able to leverage the other two zones efficiently, otherwise you'll decline throughout your workday, and by the time you get home, it will be couch potato time!

LIVELIHOOD is your means of support! You work hard here, after all, it's your $money zone!! So, pick up your game, get noticed, and make it happen! If you one of the movers and shakers already, the minute calibration and countdown effect, will enhance your productivity that much more!

ON-TIME is when you're neither sleeping or working! It is the difference maker!! You own this time and usually have the choice of how to spend it!

It is where and when the self-motivated kick ass!!! 

ON-TIME can be as much as one-third of your day... so, you can see logically how vital this time-zone is! 

On-Time is where the play-makers shine, and the movers and shakers take over!


Three Time Power Zones

Control the Clock Control the Game...
Here is an example of the Power System. Many people have different schedules and situations, but the concept is all I am after right now...


Reasons or Results

The word on time has a mass appeal and is a powerful and positive word in the English language. There aren't many times when on time is used as a negative unless you are using it because someone or something wasn't on time. On-Time replaces the words; off, free, down, and spareAll of these words when used in association with clock time, usually devalue it! Think about it?

On-Time means you own this time? You have the choice for the most part for what, and how you will spend it! You might be off from work or have the weekends off but your time is never off! Subconsciously though, the pedal is off the metal, and for many, goals and dreams fade into the world of conformity or the sunset!!!

"Time is the longest distance between two places."

---Tennessee Williams


I am so glad to have all of my weekends off! All fifty-two...

Think Outside the Clock™ 

If you don’t have “much time” during your normal work week to go for more, then it will be your weekends when “time optimization” is paramount. Leveraging each weekend, which is two complete days comprised of about two thousand waking minutes, give or take a few, depending on your sleep time. Again, equaling nearly 100,000 ON-TIME minutes for most in one year!!!     

"All that really belongs to us is time; even he or her who has nothing else has that." -- Baltasar Gracian 


So let's do some simple math of how much time 52 weekends OFF is equivalent to in time in one year: using 8 hours for sleep, 16 hours not at work or 16 hours of ON-TIME.

 So that is 16 x 2 x 52= 1,664 hours x 60 = 99,840 minutes. 

 I know some work on the weekends, but most are off. It is is for illustrative purposes give or take some minutes here or there. 

 That amount of time my friends is equivalent to:

 1. Watching every MLB game (162 x 175 mins or 2.55 hours = 28,350)

 2. Watching 700 reruns of Seinfeld (700 x 30 = 21,000 mins)

 3. Attaining a four-year Bachelor's degree (40 college courses @ 14 weeks  per class @ 90 minutes per class = 50,400 minutes)


That is almost 100,000 MINUTES... ON or OFF?


Ordinary people think merely of spending time. Great people think of using it. ~Anonymous

Remember, if your livelihood is how you support yourself and is what you love to do, you're combining two power zones almost into one Livelihood/On Time a potent cocktail that can lead to sparkling results! 

Unfortunately, most have a JOB and turn off when not there, undermining the second most crucial zone of the day... ON TIME!

The Difference Maker!!!

Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. —Jim Rohn

TIME Conversion Measurement Table

• 1 year        =  525,600 minutes

• 1 Quarter  =  133,920 minutes

• 1 month    =  44,640 minutes

• 1 week      =  10,080 minutes

• 1 day         =    1,440 minutes

• 1 hour       =         60 minutes

“Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different.” — Albert Szent-Gyorgyi