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Let's go down the Rabbit Hole Alice...
Think about what happens when you put something under a magnifying glass? Well, that's what I've done with our current  standard clock! For many though, due to cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias, the sensibility delivered here will not register for long, but for those who are ready and can recognize this simple mindset will be rewarded profoundly, as TIMEEXPERIENCES, and FULFILLMENT, replace the CLOCK, the JOB, and CONFORMITY! Mindfulness now moves people away from the old thinking construct into a more profound  realm of consciousness. 

Let's continue...

Physical time is not a choice. It is a reality.  Physical time is equal for all people... 

Perception of time is a choice.  Perception of time is not equal for all people... 

What time is it?

 12:07 AM or PM?

What is 1440TIME™?

"Everything is the near future or the recent past" - George Carlin

1440TIME™ is the 21st-century sundial!  It's that simple!  It has been used and been around for thousands of years! The only difference is, it continues to tell and measure time after the sun sets. Remember that point! Now, take a look at the 1440TIME™ watch. One is working real time if your device supports it and the other a static picture showing 6:00 A.M. EST. This patent innovation shift takes a holistic approach to improving the way we  seevalue and process clock-time by counting down of the number of minutes left, unlike the standard clock that tells you what time it is using two separate 12-hour cycles... called the "12/12 repeat clock"

The 1440TIME™ watch shown also tells you what time it is digitally, as it will assist you in the transition needed to calibrate to our minute based world and the 1440TIME™ EXPERIENCE!

Don't worry; it's not like you have to learn the Periodic Tables.

1440TIME feels as natural as being at the beach  sunrise to sunset on a warm lazy summer's day...

"You must unlearn what you have learned" -- Yoda   



Time Inside a Matrix? 

Chapter 3

Time, what is it?

Time is nothing more than a word in our minds! As soon as we think the word, up pops an association with a place we have to be, an appointment we have to keep, or something we have to do. Maybe we get a flash of it from old photos and songs from the past—“the good ol’ days.” Or perhaps the word calls to mind the lines on our face, the upcoming wedding of a daughter or son, or a vacation we can’t wait for in the spring.

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It is time to Break-Free...

 Control the Clock...Control the Game™
1440TIME™ breaks the hold. It sets you free from a lifetime of "standard clock thinking" and awakens the mind, as time will expand, slow, and keeps you in the now, allowing for a true time-experience to emerge all day and every day.
“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.” - Steve Jobs

Did Farmers need a clock

to tell them what time work started or ended? Did the word Tuesday or Saturday make a difference in how hard they worked the land? No... it was irrelevant and it should be irrelevant for you as well?

The sun’s natural daily rise and the decline was their clock. It became a visible and tangible timeline, naturally creating that 'sense of urgency' every day. 1440TIME™ uses the same natural time-flow by using minutes declining throughout the day until midnight when the 1,440-minute countdown starts all over again. This simple change in the way time is viewed, creates that same visible and tangible timeline, in which the sun did for the farmer! Time becomes tangible, and not some abstract number on a circular sphere!  In turn, a small dose of that 'sense of urgency' is created naturally! The time now has a purpose, and every day is weighted equally on the 1440 scale! A Tuesday or a Saturday is just another 1,440 minutes in our daily lives! 

In the past, the farmer and people had no choice but to stop working once the sun set (there was no electricity)and most worked every day of the week! But we aren't farmers, and this is not 1879!  It's 2018! We have electricity for light, technology, computers, the internet, WiFi, and most have Saturday and Sunday off from work

The human mind today is still condition to shut down after the sun goes down, hence why the human potential of today is far behind our technological achievements!

"The future is already here, it just hasn't been widely distributed yet" --- William Gibson

By breaking one day's worth of time down to 1,440 fractal units or minutes perceptually, that is 12,000% more time for the brain to process! How's that? The brain currently looks at one day as 12 hours that repeat! It is not thinking 24 fractal hours! The military does, hence why they're so productive. 

The standard clock has become an  albatross, preventing people from becoming more than they could be! It has become the excuse for why we haven't or couldn't! It has the years seemingly flying by faster and faster by! It always has us chasing and serving it! 

It's time to 

Think Outside the Clock

and retire that old clock to the history books... where it belongs! 

What do you have to lose TIME?

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs

Can you help me get to where I want to go?

Just cross over the bridge... I know you can do it!!!

*Warning...1440TIME™ (a minute based countdown clock system) may not be for everyone, even though for anyone! In short; the mover and shakers, and those individuals who have goals with timelines attached for completion will benefit most. Why? Think about it...? If there are no goals, then no timelines are needed,  and there is nothing to countdown to? Therefore 'no sense of urgency,' and the secret sauce built into 1440TIME™ (the countdown of daily minutes left in your day) is rendered useless! Life becomes just another week of work, another holiday, another weekend off, and another year that has past by to quickly!

 A deadline keeps you inline after all!

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