Think Outside the Clock™...?                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Let's go back to the beginning

where it all started in elementary school! What were you taught twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, or sixty years ago? Yes, how to tell time, and the names for the days of the week! Now, all of these years later, without thought, you respond to these numbers and names for the days unconsciously. Let's try it, Monday 6:00 AM... now Friday... 6:00 PM...? Ahh... You see what I mean?  Hmm, you have a point?  Monday no excitement, no energy and Friday, Happy Thoughts, Happy Hour, and its PAYDAY!!!! And back when a child it was pizza, McDonald's, a movie and ice cream... and best of all, no school for two days!!!

Is time just a number 1-12 on a circular sphere and a word for the day that makes you think, feel and act a certain way? Having you in a real-time trance-like state? 

Change the Clock... Change your Perspective... Change your Life...


What word do you see above? What else?

So what is real ?  Are we only seeing half the truth or maybe just small portions of our reality?  

Is everything an optical illusion

What about TIME itself?

I want to thank for this picture!!  Check out their website for some other cool stuff.

What are you doing all the time pondering about the clock Kevin? What is there to think about? The standard clock has been around forever! It tells you what time it is! What more is there to know? You were taught this in school for Pete's sake!!! What the heck is the problem!!!?

What is Real?

Think Outside The Clock™



You've Got Mail!

56k Modem Speed... wow, that's fast!

Do you remember using dial-up to access the internet 20-25 years ago? Well, millions still use it today! Crazy right? How about today in 2018 billions are still using a clock system from 5,000 years ago... crazy right!?

"Just because because everything is different doesn't mean anything has changed." - Irene Peter   


Please Enter...

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 1440 EXPERIENCE... 


 1440TIME is the cornerstone of this 21st-century principle, utilizing a patent 'Minute Countdown Clock' as the instrument to facilitate a new 'Time Awareness SystemTAS  for our MODERN world today. It's built it on three underlying concepts representing a new Gold Standard for clock-time as we currently know it.      

  1. 1. The Life Clock
  2. 2. 1440TIME™/The 1440 Power System® 
  3. 3. The Compound Value of Time (CVT)

This secret blend of ingredients will activate and optimize your life; enabling time to flow seamlessly and naturally, as the past, present and future  collide to form the only time that matters—the 'moment right now!'

In January 2007, a simple change in perception of the way I looked at the clock just before an arduous tax season was to begin, has turned into a ten-year adventure into the conceptual world of time. Little did I know that my life would transform forever and that this transformation would result in my authoring of two books: The Time Factor -The 1440 Power System® and to obtain a U.S. Utility Patent on a 'Minute Countdown Clock,'  aka 1440TIME.                   

It's TIME now to expose the "Structured Standard Clock" for what it is and introduce a new 'Time Infused' clock for the modern world!

I am now ready to share this natural but 'hidden in plain sight' revelation to all that want to see it.


"There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious clue". — Sherlock Holmes

When You Control The Clock             

You Control the GAME   

The processing speed of the current 12/12 hour clock is an outdated, inefficient time utilization system for our modern world! It has most people using at best 60% of their daily time capacity. Imagine being able to access 100% of your daily allotment of time? What kind of edge could that bring you or your company!?  Well, here it is exclusively for you, a revolutionary new approach to experience, process, and measure clock-time for the 21st century that will allow you to tap all 100%! 

In a nutshell, 1440TIME™ is here to stay and is ready to be used in our daily lives, at home, work, or play!! 

It's innovative, simplistic, and expands perceptional clock-time as we know it, merely by changing perception, and revealing what's really behind the curtain!! 

"The more you understand what is wrong with a figure, the more valuable that figure becomes."    — Lord Kelvin 

Let's begin our journey:


What is the Time Awareness SystemTAS? 

It starts with the work of Bertrand Planes. An incredible artist and creative soul from Paris, France. I found Bertrand while working on my first book The Time Factor book, via his unique website back in 2007 and have become friends over the years. Bertrand created the LIFE CLOCKHis clock shows  your entire life in clock form, using a life expectancy of 84, based on seven-year intervals. When you look at his Life Clock you will see what time it is for you on the 'Great Clock of Life,' now making it very real and very finite. Bertrand's Life Clock serves as one of the penetrating components that make up the Time Awareness System, as it hits at the core of our one-time life experience, which totals about 40,000,000 minutes using Bertrand's life expectancy.

More on Bertrand in the 1440TIME™ tab.

Next, you will learn more about 1440TIME™ & the “Connector” The 1440 Power System®, which merely breakdowns the daily 1,440 minutes (60 x 24) we have each day into three specific time-zones. This chunk down method brings about the 'less is more' way of thinking... focusing only on the zone you are currently in! When applied and duplicated daily, all three facets of your life become enhanced!!!

  • 1. Sleep
  • 2. Livelihood (a job for most) replaces the word 'living.'
  • 3. On-Time the “difference maker” (replacing off, free, down and spare time)

Finally, I'll introduce "CVT" The Compound Value of Time concept. It works much the same way the compounding of interest works over time on money, except we're compounding daily minutes over time. With today’s speed of velocity of how information travels using technology, we don’t need hours anymore to get answers or learn things, only minutes compounded daily to get massive results!


Calibrate to fully enjoy the 1440 Experience!

Buckle up Dorothy...

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Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.